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Bedroom Secrets series

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Crazy for Milk - Bound by duty, obsessed with lactation, confessions of a wife struggling with sex Sweet on Me - Seduced by promises, betrayed by innocence, longing for love

Crazy for Milk

“I couldn’t put this book down as it’s the story of a married couple,the wife has to come to terms with all her high expectations with their first child their sex life,brest feeding and problems”  – 5* review on

“Okay, I know this was a book was for a sexual charge. But honestly this book should be read read by every new mother & mother to be. It hit so many nails on the head it was just frightening. By the title I was not sure where it would go but the first reviewer peeked my interest. I remember so many of these feelings as a new mom & couple. Good book.” – 5* review on

Yankee Stadium could hold the entire world’s daily breast milk consumption and yet, it takes less than two cupfuls of milk for a woman to be in trouble as she struggles between her own raging internal desires, her husband’s constant demands for intimacy and her need to have it all.

“Mom never warned me that my life would change this dramatically when I had kids. Some things, I could deal with. The others hit me unexpectedly, like a tsunami. Emma was my tsunami …”

Megan Turner, a first-time mother believed that all her planning would make her ready for Emma, her first baby. Little did she grasp that all the research in the world could not prepare her for the challenges of breastfeeding her newborn, especially when it came from an unexpected source – Caleb.

Caleb Turner, her aggressive, dominating husband had been supportive the past nine months, but Megan’s obsession with the new baby was wearing his patience out.  It was time she started paying attention to him again, like how she used to before the baby came along.

Torn between her own desires and keeping her husband happy, Megan struggles to find the perfect balance … yet finds herself drowning.  Will Caleb, the one person she wants to save her, end up being her enemy or her hero?

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Sweet on Me

“Father, forgive me for I have sinned.”

Trapped by one man … Ophelia has stayed home ever since the kids were born but now she’s desperate. Unable to find employment in the tough economy after leaving her abusive husband, she’s forced to resort to other means to put food on the table. It was easy at first – lavish gifts and an allowance in exchange for letting Tony treat her as a daughter. Only problem is, Tony’s starting to cross the line. He’s doing things to her in the bedroom and outside – illicit things no man would do to his child, and he won’t let Ophelia escape.

In love with another … To complicate matters, Ophelia has fallen for Josh, a man who would save her from the big bad wolves out there – not knowing that there is already one staking his claim on her.

Will she find a way to escape from Tony and find happiness with Josh?

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Posted September 9, 2013 by Kathryn Michaels

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