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“I’m not afraid to write about it – are you brave enough to read it?”

Kathryn Michaels spent most of her life crunching numbers, but since she threw caution to the wind and surrendered to her one true passion, she wrote off all the numbers for the love of writing.

She writes to challenge the conventions under which we live by, writing about the bedroom secrets no one will ever admit to having (or doing) while taking her readers on a journey of self-discovery with her characters.

Her first reality-inspired novel, Crazy for Milk, discusses the emotional and physical journey of a new mother as she tries to be the everything to everyone – the perfect wife, mother and employee – and her experiences as she learns to deal with physical exhaustion, sleep deprivation, guilt, intimacy, loneliness and fear. Written in a story-based format, it addresses the things, many women have confided, they wished their own mothers had told them, to make their first year of motherhood easier – but sadly, few ever had that conversation.

In “Sweet on Me”, her latest book, Kathryn Michaels takes the reader through the physical, mental and emotional journey of a single mom who left her abusive spouse and found herself struggling to make ends meet. Unable to land a job and fighting for child support, she unwittingly finds herself in a no-strings-attached arrangement with a significantly more matured man as a means of providing for her family. The question the book poses is, “How does a single mother struggling with similar situations in a tough economy live with the consequences of this arrangement?”

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Posted November 24, 2012 by Kathryn Michaels

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