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When Being The Breadwinner Single Mom Isn’t Enough to Pay the Bills

September 29, 2013 – Author Kathryn Michaels confronts the financial challenges of breadwinner single moms in her latest book, Sweet On Me, now available on iTunes.

Kathryn Michaels delves deeper into the financial challenges faced by a single mom forced into being the breadwinner for her family after being out of the job market for many years in her latest book, Sweet On Me which has just been released on iTunes … …Read more

Never Too Late To Say Thank You This Wife Appreciation Day

September 21, 2013 – Author Kathryn Michaels offers some tips to make this Sunday’s Wife Appreciation Day special in her latest Moms@Work series.

Regardless of whether she works at home or in the office, this is a good time to thank her for all the things she has done, and with 3.6 in every 1,000 marriages ending up in divorce in the United States, taking a little time to show your appreciation for your wife can’t hurt. In the latest issue of her Moms@Work series, author Kathryn Michaels offers up some tips to help make this day a little special … …Read more

Fighting for Work-Life Balance on a Tight Budget

September 18, 2013 – In her latest Moms@Work series, author Kathryn Michaels discusses strategies to achieve work-life balance for working moms on a tight budget.

A recent survey by Pew Research found that well over half of all working mothers (56%) with children under 18 said that it is difficult for them to balance the responsibilities of their job with the responsibilities of their family. Undoubtedly, achieving the optimum work-life balance is easier when the working mother can afford to outsource help and pay for someone else to clean her home, cook her meals or even babysit the children while she focuses on her career, herself or her family. But when the working mom cannot afford it, that’s when juggling work and family life becomes even more difficult. In her latest Moms@Work series, Kathryn Michaels offers up some strategies to help achieve work-life balance for mothers on a tight budget… …Read more

How to Alleviate Back to School Stress This Labor Day Weekend

August 31, 2013 – Author Kathryn Michaels discusses techniques to alleviate stress this Labor Day weekend as the children go back to school in her latest Moms@Work series.

As the summer vacation draws to an end, tension at home builds up as many parents scramble to get their children ready to go back to school after the long Labor Day weekend. In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates that total back-to-school spending this summer will total $26.7 billion, or an average of $634.78 for families with school-age children. With all the last-minute preparations and shopping that needs to be done, it’s no wonder that many parents will be feeling stressed over the long weekend. In her latest Moms@Work series, Kathryn Michaels proposes some techniques for parents to keep in mind this busy season … …Read more

Fighting Against Time When the Kids Are Back to School

August 30, 2013 – Author Kathryn Michaels explores strategies on how working women can best manage their time once their kids are back to school in her latest Moms@Work series.

As the summer vacation draws to an end, many working women dread the juggling act they will have to do once their children are back to school. With over 42 million children in nursery, kindergarten or elementary school, there will be many mothers fighting against time especially at the end of every workday to make sure the family gets fed, the homework gets done, the house is clean and everyone has some quality time with each other. It might seem like a tall order for the 70 percent of mothers in the labour force but it is not impossible, as Kathryn Michaels explores in this issue of her Moms@Work series … …Read more

Climbing Back Up the Slippery Slope from Kitchen to Boardroom

August 29, 2013 – Author Kathryn Michaels explores how employers can attract untapped talents from career-oriented stay-at-home moms seeking to re-enter the workforce in her second Moms@Work series.

Making the decision to leave behind the fancy suits with the corporate agendas in order to be a stay-at-home mom might seem like the obvious choice when the baby is crying for attention but the repercussions are soon felt once the children have outgrown their diapers and strollers. Despite all their education and work experience, when the time comes for the career-oriented stay-at-home moms to re-enter the job market, they are confronted by wage penalties for taking time off, not having relevant enough work experience after the changes in their industry and the lack of flexibility in the office that will allow them enough time with the family … …Read more

Losing Top Talent Because Of An Unfriendly Work Environment

August 28, 2013 – Author Kathryn Michaels discusses ways to mitigate the loss of top talent for organizations by creating a work environment friendly to new mothers in her first Moms@Work series.

Women account for over half of the management, professional and related occupations in the United States and yet, despite their own preferences and the investments they have made in their education and career, when the new baby arrives, only 64.2% of new mothers are likely to still be working within the first six years. Even though corporate figures such as Sheryl Sandberg strive to inspire working women to “lean-in” and pursue their careers, many organizations continue to find themselves in danger of losing their top talent as women choose to opt-out and leave their professional life altogether ..…Read more

Latest news …

New Book Offers Moms-to-be Peek into Non-Textbook Realities of Motherhood

August 2, 2013 – In honor of 2013 World Breastfeeding Week, author Kathryn Michaels is offering a complimentary download of “Crazy For Milk” for new and expectant moms.

If you are a mom who is expecting, you have likely been reading endlessly about the technical aspects of pregnancy, but what about the aspects of new motherhood no one discusses? In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, author Kathryn Michaels is offering a complimentary download of her book “Crazy for Milk” to prepare soon-to-be moms for some of the emotional challenges that may come with motherhood..…Read more

Breastfeeding Boost Possible After Royal Birth

July 30, 2013 – Could the example set by the Duchess of Cambridge with the Royal Baby help reduce the stigma of breastfeeding and lessen the number of mothers who give up nursing shortly after leaving the hospital? “Crazy for Milk” author Kathryn Michaels discusses the importance of public figures in setting the tone.

The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly successfully breastfeeding newborn Prince George after a shaky start, following recent traditions set by Princess Diana and the Queen Mother. The efforts of public figures in setting the example are an ongoing source of inspiration for new mothers to persevere with their own efforts of nursing, especially when for centuries in the past, royal babies were traditionally handed over to wet nurses soon after birth.…Read more

What Mothers Don’t Expect When They Are Expecting a New Baby

July 25, 2013 – Kathryn Michaels – author of the recently released book, Crazy For Milk – sheds light on how women can better manage their expectations as new mothers.

The royal baby has arrived and his long anticipated name has finally been announced. It is the similar excitement many new mothers share when they bring their child out into the world after nine months and introduce their newborn to their family and friends – their reward after spending countless hours reading about pregnancy and delivery as well as planning for the logistical needs of their coming child(ren) with utmost precision. Yet, despite the numerous checklists and reminders, many moms-to-be still experience a certain level of anxiety about the unexpected.…Read more

The Price of Freedom for Independence from a Troubled Marriage

July 8, 2013 – Kathryn Michaels, author of the recently released book Sweet On Me, unveils how independence and freedom from troubled marriages comes at a high price.

After the Fourth of July BBQs are over and after the fireworks are gone, many Americans are thankful for the independence they have today but this may not extend to everyone. Many are still trapped in a troubled marriage and trying to reestablish their independence even though the price of freedom doesn’t come cheap.…Read more

DOMA Decision Doesn’t Guarantee Equality Within A Marriage

June 28, 2013 – Author Kathryn Michaels discusses the marriage inequalities often felt by a woman after the birth of her first child in her debut novel, Crazy For Milk.

The Supreme Court may have struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), granting marriage equality to same-sex couples and allowing those who are legally married in individual states to receive federal benefits, but it cannot dictate equality within a marriage itself. According to author Kathryn Michaels in her novel, Crazy for Milk, that responsibility lies solely on the shoulders of each couple, especially when children are involved.…Read more

The Exorbitant Price Every Family Pays For Having A Working Mom

June 27, 2013 – Author Kathryn Michaels discusses challenges faced by a working mom trying to balance family and work as a breadwinner in her latest book, Sweet On Me.

According to a recent Pew Research Center analysis, working moms are the sole or primary provider in four-in-ten households with children, as compared to one-in-ten (11%) back in 1960. Not all are breadwinners by choice. 63% of these women are single mothers who earn a median income of $23,000, less than a third of the $80,000 median total family income of married mothers who earn more than their husbands. With adequate resources and someone to take care of the family, it can work out for the single mother but what if she doesn’t have them? Who pays the price when she has to work?…Read more

Five Reasons Why Younger Women Prefer Older Men.

June 26, 2013 – Kathryn Michaels, author of the recently released novel, Sweet on Me, divulges why younger women would choose to marry older men.

Marriage to a man old enough to be your father. “Not an unheard of concept these days,” Kathryn Michaels states. “Star Wars” creator George Lucas, 69, wed his longtime girlfriend, Mellody Hobson, 44, recently. 87-year-old Hugh Hefner married 27-year-old Crystal Harris last year. Michael Douglas, 68, has been married to Catherine Zeta Jones, 43, since the year 2000. What’s wrong with a matured man marrying a woman twenty to thirty years younger than him – one young enough to be his daughter? Absolutely nothing.…Read more

What to Expect When a Mother Is Obsessed With Breastfeeding.

June 25, 2013 – Crazy for Milk’s author, Kathryn Michaels exposes the truth behind what happens when a new mother gets obsessed with breastfeeding.

It’s summer time – the top season for births in the US. Every mom-to-be wants to be happy and entertain only good thoughts during her pregnancy, without worrying too much about the aftermath when she has to start breastfeeding her newborn infant but it isn’t easy. Not everyone can be happily obsessed with breastfeeding like Kim Kardashian. The reality – there are many common problems faced by millennium moms who have just given birth that have been swept under the carpet for far too long. …Read more

Dad’s First Father’s Day – Five Breakthrough Ideas to Happiness.

May 31, 2013 – Kathryn Michaels, author of “Crazy for Milk”, unravels the mystery behind embracing fatherhood for new dads this coming Father’s Day.

It’s three a.m. and the baby is still crying. Exhaustion, sleep deprivation and lack of intimacy with your partner have become a normal part of life over the past few months. With approximately 4 million babies born in the United States annually and Father’s Day just around the corner, is it any wonder that many new dads are asking themselves, “Is this what fatherhood is all about? Surely there must be more to it than just this.” Author Kathryn Michaels believes there is and argues that it is possible to embrace your new life as a dad. …Read more

Work-life Balance for New Mothers – Is It Even Possible?

May 30, 2013 – Kathryn Michaels, author of “Crazy for Milk” shares the secrets to preserving a millennium mom’s marriage, family and well-being once she’s back at work.

Every new mother lives in fear – about her newborn baby’s health, growth and development; about her relationship with her spouse; and even about going back to work after her maternity leave is over. How is she going to juggle it all? “Can you blame her?” asks author Kathryn Michaels, “Every millennium mom wants to have it all – to be the perfect parent, spouse and employee. Which career-oriented woman wouldn’t want to be successful like Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO? She’s #6 on Forbes List of Power Women now. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter which stage of her career she is at – she can’t help but worry about her work-life balance once she’s back at work.” …Read more

What Mothers Didn’t Expect When They Were Expecting

May 28, 2013 – Crazy for Milk, Kathryn Michaels’ book unveils the unspoken story of a wife confronted with breastfeeding, a new baby and motherhood.

Author Kathryn Michaels reveals the confessions of a new mother obsessed with lactation, as she struggles to maintain the perfect balance between the needs of her newborn, her husband and herself in “Crazy for Milk”. It is the memoir of a millennium mom who has to juggle her career ambitions, her duties as a wife and her own expectations of being a perfect mother. Faced with the necessity of returning to the work force not long after she delivers, she is determined to continue breastfeeding her baby, despite the toll it takes on her health and her marriage …Read more

Why Single Moms Prefer a Sugar Daddy in Sweet on Me?

May 23, 2013 – “Sweet on Me,” Kathryn Michaels’ latest novel uncovers the secret life of a single mother’s sugar daddy affair during a tough economic recovery.

Author Kathryn Michaels bares the struggles of a millennium mom who ends up with a sugar daddy in “Sweet on Me,” her recently released Bedroom Secrets novel. The book exposes the dilemmas a single mother goes through in these “mutually-beneficial” relationships as the sole financial provider for herself and her children, in an economic climate where employment is scarce and child support is insufficient …Read more

Mother’s Day Blues – 7 Acts of Love to Keep your Wife From Cheating

May 13, 2013 – Strategies to protect your marriage from the imminent Mother’s Day blues faced by millennium moms on Monday once celebrations are over ~ by Kathryn Michaels, author of “Crazy for Milk”.

Over 141 million Mother’s Day cards are estimated to be exchanged annually in the United States, making it the third-largest card sending occasion … “Greeting cards and the requisite breakfast in bed – that’s the minimum today’s millennium mom can expect for Mother’s Day,” says Kathryn Michaels. It doesn’t matter if she’s a soccer mom or a briefcase mom. If she’s really lucky, she will get flowers, gifts, brunch outside with the family and a day to herself, spent shopping or at the spa. After all, the average person is expected to spend $168.94 on mom for Mother’s Day 2013.

But is it enough? …Read more

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